索尼推出“口袋里的空调” 再也不怕夏天出门啦!

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Sony has a new device for anyone who’s ever wished they could carry their air conditioner with them on sweltering summer days.


sweltering['swɛltərɪŋ]: adj. 闷热的;热得难受的

Called Reon Pocket, the small, lightweight gadget slides into the upper back pocket of a specially designed t-shirt. Controlled with a smartphone app, it’s capable of heating or cooling the wearer via the Peltier effect, a thermodynamic principle widely used in refrigeration.

这款名为Reon Pocket的超轻微型空调可以放进特别设计的T恤背部上方的口袋里。在智能手机应用的控制下,这款空调可以通过珀尔帖效应让穿着者感到温暖或凉爽。珀尔帖效应是广泛应用于冰箱的一种热力学原理。

The Reon Pocket comes out of Sony’s startup acceleration program, and Sony is currently crowdfunding the device. Supporters can choose from a few different packages, if they want multiple t-shirts for instance, but a basic one including the device and one shirt costs ¥14,080. There’s a catch, though: Sony only has plans to release the Reon Pocket in Japan at present.

Reon Pocket空调是索尼的一个众筹创业助力项目,出资者可以从几个不同的套餐中选择,比如包含多件T恤的套餐。基础套餐包括空调和一件价格14080日元(约合人民币890元)的T恤。不过美中不足的是,索尼目前只计划在日本发售Reon Pocket空调。

According to a spokesperson, the target audience is mostly businessmen who have to wear a suit in the summer, though the company says it will judge its wider relevance based on the crowdfunding results. Right now, though, the t-shirts available come in men's sizes, in small, medium, or large.


The device is not really for all-day use so much as moving between air-conditioned or heated areas, such as during the commute to work. The battery takes around two hours to charge and lasts about 90 minutes.


With the Reon Pocket, Sony joins the ranks of those working on temperature-regulating clothing. On the more tech-forward end are examples such as French label Courrèges, which debuted coats with built-in heaters a few years ago, and the US Army, which is experimenting with conductive fabrics that can generate heat in extreme cold. More commonplace examples include Uniqlo, which has been successful with its Heattech and Airism underlayers, and a number of brands making shirts meant to offer the comfort and sweat-wicking properties of athletic wear.

随着Reon Pocket的推出,索尼也加入了研发温度调节服装的行列。技术更先进的例子有法国Courrèges品牌几年前首次推出的内置加热器的外套,还有美国军方正在试验的能在极寒条件下发热的导电面料。比较平民化的有优衣库卖得很好的Heattech和Airism系列内衣,以及多个品牌提供的舒适排汗运动装。

debut[de'bju]: v. 初次登台,首次出场

In a blog post from Sony’s startup accelerator, Yoichi Ito, a project lead on Reon Pocket, said people have become increasingly focused on functionality and comfort in their clothing. In 2017, his team started thinking of ways they could blend technology with fashion to reach those goals. Reon Pocket was the result.

推出Reon Pocket空调的索尼创业助力项目负责人伊藤洋一在博客上发文称,人们越来越关注服装的功能性和舒适度。2017年,伊藤洋一的团队开始思考如何能将技术和时装相结合来达到这些目标。结果就研发出了Reon Pocket空调。

Japanese buyers looking to battle the record heat this summer will have to wait, though. If the crowdfunding is successful, deliveries of the device are scheduled to begin in March 2020.



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