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BBC News with Sue Montgomery.
One member of the Thai security forces has died during a raid on a shopping mall in the city of Nakhon Ratchasima. They've laid siege to the complex as they searched for a soldier who went on a gun rampage killing at least 20 people. Paddy Maguire reports. More than 16 hours after the shooting spree started, the suspect is still at large. He's thought to be holed up in the shopping mall North of the capital Bangkok, and maybe holding hostages. As storm broke, a small team of security personnel could be seen maneuvering outside the complex, but the situation inside remains unclear. Earlier, there were sporadic bursts of automatic gunfire from the buildings. Thai officials say the junior officer shot a colonel with his army barracks and stole weapons before opening fire first at a Buddhist temple, then at the shopping mall.

The exit poll published after Ireland's general election suggests that the three main parties of roughly the same level of support. Chris Page has the details. One of the major stories of the election campaign was a surge of support for Sinn Fein in opinion polls. The exit pool has predicted the party led by Mary Lou McDonald is on course to make significant gains. Sinn Fein is 1one of three parties tied on 22% of the first preference votes. The others are Fine Gael, which is led by the current Prime Minister Leo Varadkar and Fianna Fail, which went into the election as the main opposition party. During the campaign, the Fianna Fail leader, Micheal Martinas was the favorite to succeed Mr. Varadkar. But if the exit poll proves to be accurate, coalition negotiations will be extremely difficult.

Relatives of a group of young footballers who died in a fire in Brazil a year ago have complained of not being allowed into their training grounds to mark the anniversary of the tragedy. This report from our America's editor Leonardo Rocha. Ten teenagers aged between 14 and 16 died when the dormitory caught fire in the middle of the night in the city of Rio de Janeiro. The boys were sleeping in adapted containers without direct adult supervision, while the club finished work on their youth team accommodation. Flamingo was exonerated of any criminal responsibility, but Brazilian prosecutors recommended that the club pay a fixed amount to each family every month. One year later, no agreement has been reached, and many of the families are struggling. One parent said all he wanted today was to light a candle for his son in the place where he died.

World news from the BBC.


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