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Hello, I'm Elieen McKue with the BBC News.
Myanmar has reported its first confirmed cases of coronavirus infections, both local men who arrived recently from overseas. It had been the last Southeast Asian country, apart from sparsely populated Laos to remain officially free of the virus. Jonathan Head has this report. With a population of 54 million along border with China and one of the world's most poorly resource public health systems, Myanmar's vulnerability to the new coronavirus has long worried health experts. Only around 300 people have so far been tested for the virus, compared to tens of thousands in Thailand and Malaysia. Now, Myanmar has its first reported coronavirus cases, both travelers from overseas. It may have to follow its neighbors in shutting down most public life, including bars and restaurants.

President Trump has said he expects coronavirus containment measures will only be in place in the United States for a matter of weeks and not months. Mr. Trump told a news conference he thought more people would die from a prolonged shutdown than as a result of the virus. Peter Bowes reports. Referring to the uNPRecedented shutdown of businesses across the country, President Trump said we can't have the cure be worse than the problem. He claimed that if closures stretched on for months, it would cause far bigger problems than the coronavirus itself. He added that the war against the pandemic will be one much sooner than people think. Health experts have warned that unless Americans continue drastically to limit their social interactions, the number of infections will overwhelm the health care system.

Australia's states have tightened movement restrictions to slow the spread of coronavirus. Those entering south Australia, western Australia and the northern territory are asked to self-isolate for two weeks. All non-essential services, including gyms, pubs and places of worshiphave been shut down across the country as coronavirus cases have risen rapidly.

A number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in Nigeria has risen to 40. Four more people tested positive, three in Lagos and one in Abuja.Nigeria's Center for Disease Control said two had recently returned to the country. Land borders were closed and a ban on all international flights has been imposed. Civil servants have been instructed to work from home.

Authorities in Indian-administered Kashmir have released the region's former Chief Minister Omar Abdullah after more than seven months of detention.An official said his detention had been revoked because of concerns over Mr. Abdullah's health amid the coronavirus crisis. Omar Abdullah had been declared to be a threat to public order for his purported ability to mobilize voters. He was detained last year when India revoked the region's special status that gave it partial autonomy.

BBC News.


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