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Hello, I'm Neil Nunes with the BBC News.
Four French police officers are being investigated after a recording emerged of a delivery driver in Paris who was pinned down and later died. Warren Bull reports. Cedric Chouviat, was riding his scooter near the Eiffel Tower when he was stopped by police on January 3. A phone recording of the incident shows Mr. Chouviat being pinned down by officers. And he can be heard seven times saying he is suffocating before passing out. He had a heart attack and died two days later. A postmortem showed his larynx had been broken. Prosecutors have opened a case for involuntary homicide. The investigation comes weeks after the French government reviewed restraint techniques used by its own police force in the wake of the death of George Floyd in the US who was held down by an officer using a chokehold.

Newborn triplets in Mexico have tested positive for coronavirus despite not having been in contact with anyone known to be infected. The three babies, two boys and a girl, were born prematurely on the 17th of June. More details now from Will Grant. Two of the babies are in a stable condition. The other one of the boys is receiving treatment for respiratory illness. The babies were tested for coronavirus on the day they were born. The state health authorities believe the parents may have been asymptomatic. They have now been isolated while they await the results of their own coronavirus tests. Amid some speculation in Mexico that the virus could have been passed to the babies via the placenta, the case is expected to be examined by international medical teams.

Two more members of Donald Trump's campaign staff have tested positive for coronavirus after working at a rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma on Saturday. Hours before the gathering, the team said that four of its people had the virus. A subsequent round of testing identified the other two cases.

An English Premier League football club has condemned a banner bearing its name and the words White Lives Matter, which was flown over a match on Monday evening. Burnley Football Club said the banner was offensive and that those responsible were not welcome. The plane circled over Manchester city's stadium shortly after the players had taken a knee in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

And the American filmmaker Joel Schumacher, who directed two batman films, has died aged 80. His first hit as a director was St. Elmo's Fire, followed in 1987 by the teen vampire movie, The Lost Boys.

That's the latest BBC news.


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