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Hello, this is the BBC News with Fiona MacDonald.
The chief executives of four of the world's most powerful tech companies have been defending the reach and power of their firms in a US congressional hearing. Appearing by video link, Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, Amazon's Jeff Bezos, Sundar Pichai of Google and Tim Cook of Apple were questioned for more than five hours. Democrats pressed them on whether they were using their market dominance to stifle competition. Republicans were more concerned about whether they were marginalizing conservative views. The Republican Jim Jordan questioned Sundar Pichai.

Can you assure us today you're not going to try to silence Conservatives? And can you assure us today you're not gonna try to configure your features as Ms. Murillo said you did for Clinton in '16? Can you assure today you're not gonna do the same thing for Joe Biden in 2020? You know, you have my commitment. It's always been true, and we'll continue to conduct ourselves in a neutral way. The CEOs all stressed the American roots and values of their firms.

The Trump administration and the governor of Oregon have agreed on a conditional withdrawal of federal law enforcement from outside a courthouse in Portland. Federal agents have repeatedly clashed with demonstrators during nightly unrest there. Officials say most would move off from areas near the courthouse and then withdraw from Portland entirely if the nightly rioting ceased. The Oregon governor Kate Brown said previously that the agents acted as an occupying force and dismissed the deployment as a political stunt.

COVID-19 has now claimed more than 150,000 lives in the United States as the world's worst-affected country battles raging infections in many states. Florida suffered a record number of fatalities for the second day in a row. The US Attorney General William Barr has to be tested for coronavirus after coming into close contact with the Texan Republican congressman Louie Gohmert, who was tested positive.

Amnesty International says Yazidi religious and ethnic minority children who survived brutal captivity at the hands of the Islamic State group in northern Iraq are suffering severe physical and mental health problems. Caroline Hawley reports.

When Islamic State fighters took over northern Iraq, they murdered Yazidi men and enslaved women and girls. They then repeatedly raped. Thousands of Yazidi boys were forced to fight for them. The so-called caliphate of Islamic State is gone. But the legacy of the horrors it inflicted lives on and it will continue to blight the lives of the survivors for decades to come. Amnesty International says they'll need long-term help. It's calling for women who had the babies of IS fighters after being enslaved to be resettled with their children abroad.

BBC News.


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