BBC在线收听下载:特朗普发推宣布自己对新冠免疫 推特标记为传播误导信息

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Hello, I'm David Harper with the BBC News.

There have been international appeals for Armenia and Azerbaijan to respect a ceasefire in Nagorno Karabakh, which should have taken effect on Saturday. The EU's foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said he was extremely concerned by reports of further civilian casualties. The Russian foreign minister, who helped broker the truce, said it must be strictly implemented. Rayhan Demytrie reports. In a statement, the Russian foreign ministry said Sergey Lavrov spoke with his Turkish counterpart Mevlut Cavusoglu and stressed the need for Armenia and Azerbaijan to keep to an agreed ceasefire. It was due to have come into effect on Saturday. Baku and Yerevan have accused each other of breaching the agreement under which the Red Cross would have been allowed to recover bodies and help exchange prisoners of war. The Red Cross says it will not begin the process until the ceasefire is fully respected by both sides. On Sunday, at least 9 Azerbaijan civilians were killed in a rocket attack which struck an apartment block in Ganja.

Two prominent opponents of the Belorussian President Alexander Lukashenko have been released from jail on the same day that hundreds of activists were detained. State media said the two men were among those filmed in prison on Saturday, holding talks with Mr. Lukashenko. They are now under house arrest.

Another of President Trump's tweet has been given a disclaimer by Twitter to warn its users it may represent misleading and potentially harmful information related to coronavirus. He tweeted that he was immune after what he called a total and complete sign off from White House doctors. Mr. Trump said his personal physician had confirmed he was no longer transmission risk. But doubts remain. Peter Hotez is from the US National School of tropical medicine. What we know is that he's had the virus for 10 days and he's been symptom free for 24 hours. But if you actually look at the World Health Organization criteria, you find that someone like the president who's interacting with large numbers of people probably should have to what are called PCR test 24 hours apart and that are negative. And the White House physician statement never actually says that. The US infectious diseases expert Anthony Fauci has accused Donald Trump's election campaign of using comments made by him out of context and without his permission. In a Republican TV advert, Dr. Fauci appears to praise Mr. Trump's response to the coronavirus outbreak. But the comments were made in March about himself and other members of the White House task force at the time.

Brazilian police say a leader of one of the country's most powerful criminal gangs has probably already left the country after being controversially released from a high security prison by a supreme court judge. Andre Oliveira Macedo, also known as Andre do Rap, was per supposed to be placed under house arrest, but has disappeared.

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