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Are Germany really that good at penalties? How important is home advantage? And which Mexican defender has the same World Cup scoring record as Cristiano Ronaldo?


As World Cup fever sets in, we answer all that and more...


1. Who has won the World Cup?

1. 哪些球队赢得过世界杯?

Brazil are top of the table, with five tournament wins. Their last was in 2002. They hosted in 2014, but their home tournament came to a crashing end with a 7-1 semi-final humiliation by Germany.


No country outside Europe or South America has won the tournament, and victories for Germany, Spain and Italy in the past three finals mean Europe leads with 11 victories to South America’s nine.


2. Who has scored the most goals?

2. 哪个球员进球最多?

German goal machine Miroslav Klose tops the chart with 16 across four World Cups. He retired in 2016, but will be going to Russia as a member of his country’s backroom staff.

德国队的进球机器米罗斯拉夫.克洛泽(Miroslav Klose,高路斯)在四届世界杯决赛当中共打进16球,是历届所有球员当中最多的。他在2016年退役,不过这一次他仍然会作为德国国家队的后勤人员,前往俄罗斯。

Brazilian Ronaldo is second with 15 goals, eight of which came in their 2002 triumph.


France’s Just Fontaine holds the record for the most goals in a single tournament. He scored 13 in six games in the 1958 tournament.

法国球员朱斯特.方丹(Just Fontaine,方亭)则保持单届世界杯的最高进球纪录。他在1958年世界杯的六场比赛当中打入13球。

3. What about current players?

3. 现役球员又是什么状况?

Of the players to have scored 10 or more World Cup goals, only Germany’s Thomas Muller will be heading to Russia as a player.

在世界杯个人进球数达到10个或以上的球员当中,只有德国人托马斯.穆勒(Thomas Muller,汤马士.梅拿)将作为球员参加俄罗斯世界杯。

To join his compatriot Klose at the top of the list, Muller would have to beat his previous record of five goals in a single tournament.


Colombia forward James Rodriguez won the Golden Boot last time out, so a repeat performance this time will put him among the best.

哥伦比亚前锋哈梅斯.罗德里格斯(James Rodriguez)在上一届世界杯赢得了最佳射手。假如他这次能复制上一届的表现,也将会成为世界杯总进球最多的球员之一。

Rafael Marquez, the only defender on the list, is going into his fifth World Cup for Mexico with the same scoring record as Cristiano Ronaldo.

这个排行榜上唯一的后卫是墨西哥人拉法尔.马奎斯(Rafael Marquez,马基斯)。本届他将代表墨西哥第五次参加世界杯,而他在世界杯赛上的进球总数与克里斯蒂亚诺.罗尔纳多(Cristiano Ronaldo,基斯坦奴.朗拿度)相当。

4. Teams aren’t shooting as much as they used to

4. 现在的球队已不像过去那样经常射门

The last World Cup was a record low in terms of shots per game since at least 1966 - the first year football experts Opta hold data for.


Despite this, the average of 2.7 goals in each 2014 game was the highest since Spain 1982.


There appears to have been a decline in the number of shots from long range. A good example is comparing the last World Cup final with the first one for which Opta has shots data - England’s triumph in 1966.


In the 1966 final there were twice as many shots from outside the box than inside, but of the 20 shots in the 2014 final, more were taken from inside the penalty area.


5. England may struggle but the Premier League dominates

5. 英格兰国家队或许成绩一般,但英超却占着世界杯大半壁江山

Since that win in 1966, England have only got past the quarter-finals once. But that hasn’t stopped other countries filling their squads with players from the English leagues.


Even with players such as Leroy Sane, Marcos Alonso and David Luiz left at home, the Premier League still supplied more players than any other.

虽然像勒罗伊.萨内(Leroy Sane,桑尼)、马科斯.阿隆索(Marcs Alonso,马高斯.阿朗素)和大卫.路易兹(David Luiz,大卫.雷斯)这样的球员都没能入选各自的世界杯国家队名单,但是英超仍然比其他任何联赛输出了更多的世界杯参赛球员。

There were 130 World Cup players registered to clubs from England’s top three leagues when the squads were announced, compared with 81 from Spain and 67 from German sides. Uruguay, Panama, Saudi Arabia and Russia are the only countries that have not called up any players based in England.


England is also the one country where all 23 players in the squad are from teams in the same league. Sweden and Senegal are at the other end of the spectrum - they’re the only two countries without any players from their local league.


6. How does the host team do?

6. 东道主的表现如何?

No-one in Brazil will need reminding of the two times they’ve hosted the World Cup. Losing the title to Uruguay in 1950 and going out 7-1 to Germany in 2014 were national embarrassments.


But most other countries perform better when they’re boosted by home support. Russia will hope they can follow the trend and get out of their group alongside one of Uruguay, Egypt and Saudi Arabia.


If they do, South Africa will remain as the only host nation to have been eliminated in the first round.


7. Paying the penalty

7. 点球!点球!

No World Cup report would be complete without it ending on penalties.


Only one German has ever missed from the spot at a World Cup, and they’ve won all four shootouts they’ve been in. Since then they’ve scored 15 in a row in a record dating back to 1982.


And in a surprise to no-one, England are the worst team in World Cup penalty shootout history, having lost three without winning any... yet.


Italy have also been eliminated in the most cruel way three times, including the 1994 final when star player Roberto Baggio famously blasted the ball over the bar. But their 2006 final win against France probably went some way to repairing Italian feelings about the format.

意大利同样三次以最残酷的方式被淘汰出局,当中包括1994年那场决赛,球星罗伯特.巴乔(Roberto Baggio,罗拔图.巴治奥)一脚将球踢飞的画面成为世界杯历史上的经典。不过,他们在2006年对阵法国队的决赛当中赢了一回,多少令这个国家对点球决胜制度的回忆稍微不那么灰暗。



For the ’Home team tends to get more points’ graphic, the data we’ve taken from Fifa counts the result as a draw if a knockout tie was resolved on penalties and as a win or loss if the result happened in extra time. We’ve awarded three points for a win and one for a draw in knockout games as well as group-stage ones.


The ’average’ is just from those countries that have hosted tournaments, rather than an average across all World Cup competitors in history.


For the ’homegrown talent’ graphic we included the 11 countries that had the highest number of players playing in their home countries. The clubs that players are associated to is taken from the official list produced by Fifa on 4 June.



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