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[00:03.40]He will be in his small boat,Topsail.Topsail is a famous little boat.
[00:19.51]The dog smelled the rabbit a long way off.
[00:28.30]n.vt.& vi.微笑
[00:30.04]It's rare to see him smile.
[00:37.43]vi.& vt. n.吸烟   烟
[00:39.26]I don't smoke now, though I used to smoke 20 cigarettes a day.
[00:53.68]No smoking!
[00:59.86]vi.& n.下雪,雪
[01:01.88]Children were playing in the snow.
[01:11.50]I had broken my glasses,so I couldn't see what was happening
[01:24.22]Hold the brush so.
[01:32.66]Soccer is a football game between 2 teams of 11 players
[01:38.61]who kick or touch a round ball without using the arms or hands.
[01:54.73]I bought a new pair of sock yesterday.
[02:05.54]His foot sank slighty into the soft ground.
[02:17.04]She is a soldier for the cause of women's rights.
[02:28.06]Would you like some bananas?
[02:36.47]She had a big piece of chocolate and she gave me some.
[02:48.46]If you saw somebody drowning,what would you do?
[02:59.88]We're all recalling something,furtively seeking something.
[03:12.68]Sometimes,I help my mother in the house.
[03:22.61]I have a son and a daughter.
[03:32.01]They burst into song.
[03:40.73]Dinner will be ready soon.
[03:50.24]I was sorry to hear about your illness.
[04:00.17]Sound travels at 1,000 feet per second in air
[04:12.26]Would you like some clear soup or thick soup?
[04:21.19]n.& adj.南,南方
[04:23.16]South is opposite north on a compass.
[04:33.76]I was liveing in the southeast of China
[04:44.50]Charlie lived in the southern part of  the USA.
[04:54.82]Please stand facing southwest.
[05:04.93]Keep some space between you and the car ahead.
[05:16.45]Spaceships can travel anywhere in the universe.
[05:28.67]Can you child speak yet?
[05:37.63]How do you spell the word?
[05:46.54]He's spent his life writing this book.
[05:56.75]Do you really think cricket is an exciting sport?
[06:08.77]In the spring,leaves begin to grow on the trees.
[06:18.53]vi.& vt.侦探,刺探
[06:20.55]Don't spy into others'affairs.
[06:29.98]I prefer collecting stamps.
[06:38.79]We stood outside the shop.
[06:48.32]How bright the star is!
[06:57.12]You should start save money now.
[07:07.76]Can you tell me the way to the railway station?
[07:18.86]Stay in your classroom until it is time to go home.
[07:30.59]Steak costs too much to have very often.
[07:40.70]The engine is powered by steam.
[07:51.72]Mind the step outside the door.
[08:02.25]He beat her with a stick.
[08:10.97]Are you still here? You should have gone home hours ago.
[08:22.80]She wore a pair of stockings.
[08:30.03]vt.& vi.停止
[08:31.79]He stopped the machine and left the room.
[08:41.19]Is this a request stop?
[08:51.10]My father always used to tell us bedtime stories.
[09:01.66]adv.& adj.一直的,直
[09:03.69]I'll come straight to the point--your work isn't good enough.
[09:17.43]The street he stood in was strange to him.
[09:28.61]Look about you before crossing the street.
[09:39.24]They are very strict with their children.
[09:51.26]He held the door back with his strong arm.
[09:58.91]Her breath is rather strong.
[10:08.52]She finished the race strongly.
[10:18.06]My sister was a student at Beijing University in the 1980's.
[10:31.28]Does he study English?
[10:35.92]You will find him in his study.
[10:46.03]She's taking 3 subjects in her examinations.
[10:56.33]Blackheath is suburb of London.
[11:07.40]She succeeded the second time she took the examination.
[11:19.91]Failure is the mother of success.
[11:30.52]I have been successful in fulfilling the plan
[11:40.92]We haven't had such a good time for years.
[11:51.94]Suddenly,it was rainning.
[12:00.95]Don't eat too much sugar.
[12:09.57]I'd like a dark blue suit.
[12:19.68]In the summer,we go on holiday.
[12:29.17]The east is red,the sun rises.
[12:40.14]Today is a sunny day.
[12:49.75]Let's sit out in the bright sunshine.
[13:00.98]We sat down to a good supper.
[13:13.16]Do you feel sure about it?
[13:23.47]They surprised us with a visit.
[13:35.18]Put a sweater on if you are cold.
[13:46.51]Please sweep the house clean.
[13:56.13]This sweet is very sugary.
[14:03.91]vi.& n.(swam)游泳
[14:05.74]She swam the Channel.
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