刘毅词汇5000 vocabulary 5000 lesson 12

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1.Appropriate 1. adj.适合的 同:proper 2.占有 v. 同:embezzle
Thick , woolen clothes would not be appropriate for a hot summer day.
You should not appropriate other people’s belongings without their permission.

2.Coarse adj.粗鲁的 同:vulgar
You mustn’t use such coarse language when talking to innocent young girls.

3.Legend n.传奇 同:tradition
The stories about king Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table are legends, not history.

4.Mischief n.伤害 同:harm
He apologized for the mischief his false story had caused.

5.Persist v. 1.坚持 同:insist 2.持续 同:remain
If you persist in breaking the law you will go to prison.
In spite of washing, many stains persisted on the tablecloth.

6.Prudent adj.谨慎的 同:careful
In order to make a prudent decision, you must consider all of the possibilities carefully.

7.Simultaneous adj.同时的 同:coincident
Everyone in the audience burst into simultaneous applause.

8.Splash v.溅(水,泥等) 同:spatter
The children were splashing water on each other in the swimming pool.

9.Stubborn adj.固执的 同:obstinate
The stubborn boy refused to listen to reasons for not going out in the rain.

10.Symptom n.征兆 同:token
A cough is sometimes a symptom of a serious disease.

11.Trait n.特点 同:characteristic
The chief traits in the American character are generosity and energy.

12.Vile adj.极坏的 同:evil
She has a vile temper; it is impossible to live with her.

13.Adequate adj.足够的 反:insufficient
His wages are not adequate to support his wife and children.

14.Careless adj. 1.粗心的 反:attentive 2.不关心的
A boy who is careless in what the does will never succeed.
The brave soldiers did their duty, careless of dangers and discomforts.

15.Chaos n.混合 反:order
His room was in a state of chaos after the burglar had left.

16.Eminent adj.闻名的 反:common
The most eminent doctors treated the king in his illness.

17.Enlarge v.扩大 反:reduce
The factory was enlarged to make room for more machinery.

18.Fertile adj.肥沃的 反:sterile
This land is fertile; it is rich in material needed to sustain plant growth.

19.Futile adj.无效的 反:useful
All his attempts to unlock the door were futile, because he was using the wrong key.

20.Grim adj.严厉的 反:mild
The judge’s expression was grim when he told them they were to be shot.

21.Impolite adj.不礼貌的 反:courteous
It is impolite behavior to smoke in a crowded bus.

22.Vague adj.模糊的 反:distinct
The directions were so vague that it was impossible to complete the assignment.

23.Astronomy n.天文学
Astronomy deals with the motion of the sun, moon and stars.

24.Controversy n.争论
There was a controversy about the location of the new school.

25.Hazard n.危险
The ice on the roads is a hazard for driving and walking.

26.Magnify v.放大
A lens magnifies the size of the words on the paper.

27.Nominate v.提名
Three times we nominated Tom for president of our club, but he was never elected.

28.Provoke v. 1.激怒 2.引起
The dog is very dangerous when it is provoked.
Don’t throw one bone to two dogs; you will only provoke a fight between them.

29.Recite v.背诵
My daughter is going to recite a poem at he Mother’s Day program.

30.Restore v. 1.归还 2.重建
The honest boy restored the money he had found to its owner.
It took more than a year to restore the ancient castle.

31.Tension n. 1.拉紧 2.紧张状态
If you increase the tension of that violin string it will break.
The doctor said I was suffering from nervous tension.

32.Tyrant n.暴君
There is no tyrant who admit that he is a tyrant.

33.Vigor n.体力
The vigor of a person’s body lessens as he grows old.

34.Blot n. 1.污点 2.缺点
The spilled ink left a blot on the letter paper.
The ugly advertisement is a blot on the beautiful landscape.

35.Caress n.抚抱
His mother’s caress calmed the frightened child.

36.Chuckle v.低声轻笑
He was chuckling to himself as he read that funny story.

37.Claw n.爪
The cat usually catches a mouse with its claws.

38.Craft n. 1.手工艺 2.船舰
The arts and crafts of the people are an important part of their cultures.
All kinds of craft come into New York harbor every day.

39.Dainty adj.娇嫩的
The violet and the dandelion are dainty spring flowers, which could be seen in early March.

40.Hermit n.隐士;隐居
He lives in that forest alone; he is enjoying the hermit’s life.

41.Panel n.讨论会
Professor Wang participated in a panel to discuss the energy crisis.

42.Phenomenon n.现象
Snow in Egypt is an almost unknown phenomenon of nature.

43.Spectator n.观众
There were many spectators at the National Football League.

44.Thrash v.鞭打
The host of the market thrashed the little boy for stealing apples.


1.His _____ speech and manners show that he is not accustomed to polite society.
2.The monkey didi a lot of _____ before it was caught and put back in its cage; it broke a number of things.
3.The doctor made his diagnosis after studying the patient’s _____.
4.After the failure of electricity supplies the city was in complete _____.
5.Washington was _____ as general and as President.
6.The _____ of the bow gives speed to the arrow.
7.He is well over sixty,but works with young men with great ______.
8.The carpenter shaped and fitted the wood into a cabinet with great _____.
9.Father always _____ when he reads the funny magazines.
10.Lightning is an electrical _____ .

1. coarse 2. mischief 3. symptoms 4. chaos 5. eminent
6.tension 7. vigor 8. craft 9. chuckles 10. phenomenon

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