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The world this week


Abdelaziz Bouteflika, the president of Algeria, defied protesters by registering to run for a fifth term in office. The ailing octogenarian is widely seen as a figurehead for a cabal of generals and businessmen, who hold real power. They have sought to assuage critics by promising that if Mr Bouteflika is re-elected, he will hold an early election, which he would not contest.

America closed its consulate-general in Jerusalem, which had acted as a de facto embassy to the Palestinians. The State Department said this did not signal a change in policy; the consulate’s operations will be handled by the new American embassy to Israel in the city. But the Palestinians suggested that it further undermined America’s role as peacemaker.

The Netherlands recalled its ambassador to Iran after the government in Tehran expelled two Dutch diplomats. Tension between the countries has risen since last year, when the Dutch government expelled two Iranian embassy workers over suspicion that Iran was involved in the assassination of two Dutch-Iranian citizens.

Rwanda accused neighbouring Uganda of supporting rebel movements aimed at overthrowing its president, Paul Kagame, and closed a key border crossing between the two countries. Relations between the two countries have soured as they battle for influence in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo.
卢旺达指责邻国乌干达支持旨在推翻总统保罗·卡加梅(Paul Kagame)的叛乱运动,并关闭了两国之间的一个关键边境关口。在刚果民主共和国东部争夺影响力的过程中,两国关系恶化。

Satellite images suggested that North Korea is rebuilding a facility it had used to launch satellites and test missile engines, but had partially dismantled. The construction was interpreted as a signal that the country might resume testing missiles if it did not get its way in stalled talks with America about nuclear disarmament.

Pakistan arrested dozens of militants in a clampdown after the Jaish-e-Muhammad group claimed responsibility for a terrorist attack in which 40 Indian paramilitary policemen were killed, causing a military face-off with India. India’s politicians, meanwhile, rowed about how effective its air strikes against an alleged terrorist training camp in Pakistan had been.

Thailand’s constitutional court banned Thai Raksa Chart, a party linked to Thaksin Shinawatra, an exiled former prime minister. The party had upset King Vajiralongkorn by nominating his sister for prime minister.
泰国宪法法院解散了与流亡海外的前总理他信·西那瓦有关的政党泰国Raksa Chart。该党提名国王哇集拉隆功(Vajiralongkorn)的妹妹担任总理,此举令国王感到不安。


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