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Jerome Powell raised concerns about the world economy, warning that the “global risk picture has changed”, and that there was “greater uncertainty” over trade. The comments from the chairman of the Federal Reserve bolstered those who are betting on the central bank reducing interest rates in July. Mr Powell also stressed that the FED won’t bow to pressure in its decision-making. In his latest outburst Donald Trump, who wanted the FED to cut rates this month, tweeted that it “doesn’t know what it is doing” and is behaving “like a stubborn child”.
杰罗姆·鲍威尔(Jerome Powell)对全球经济表示担忧,他警告称,“全球风险状况已发生变化”,贸易方面存在“更大的不确定性”。美联储主席的言论印证了那些猜测美联储将在7月降息的民众。鲍威尔还强调,美联储不会在决策过程中屈服于压力。特朗普希望美联储本月降息,他最近一次爆发怒火时发推特称,美联储“不知道自己在做什么”,表现得“像个固执的孩子”。

Financial regulators responded coolly to Facebook’s plan to launch a global digital currency, to be called Libra. Mark Carney, the governor of the Bank of England, said that Libra could become “systemic” and would “have to be subject to the highest standards of regulation”. Randal Quarles, the head of the Financial Stability Board, which advises the G20, warned that the use of “cryptoassets” deserves “close scrutiny”. Their comments, along with several others, suggest that Facebook will have to jump many hurdles to get Libra up and running.
Facebook计划推出一种名为Libra的全球数字货币,金融监管机构对此反应冷淡。英国央行(BOE)行长马克·卡尼(Mark Carney)表示,Libra可能会变得“系统性”,“必须接受最高标准的监管”。为G20提供咨询的金融稳定委员会(Financial Stability Board)主席兰德尔·夸尔斯(Randal Quarles)警告称,“加密资产”的使用值得“密切关注”。他们的评论,以及其他一些人的评论,表明Facebook将不得不跨越许多障碍,扶持并推行Libra。

The publicity surrounding Libra helped boost the price of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin traded above $13,000, its highest level in 18 months, rekindling fears about a bubble in the market.

America’s Supreme Court overturned a long-standing ban on trademarks that use “immoral” or “scandalous” words on the grounds that it violated the right to free speech and had been imposed unevenly. The case was brought by the owner of a clothing line he brands as FUCT (Friends U Can’t Trust).

Netflix is to lose the rights to broadcast the American version of “The Office” because NBCUniversal, the sitcom’s producer, wants to run it on its new, yet-to-be-named streaming service from 2021. “The Office” is Netflix’s most popular show in America. With rival streaming channels in the works from Disney, WarnerMedia and others, Netflix faces the prospect of losing more content made by other companies, which, despite the plaudits for the media it produces in-house, accounts for the bulk of users’ viewing time.

An industry report suggested that the global market for spandex is expanding, with sales set to reach 1m tonnes by the end of 2020. The main reason is that demand for sports “shapewear” has stretched beyond the rich world to the emerging-market middle class. Invented in 1958 by a chemist in Virginia, the spandex industry is now highly elastic, with China accounting for 75% of the world’s production.


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