VOA常速英语:Victims of Zimbabwe Army Operation Want Compensation

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Opus koh-sama is a victim , old widow, recalls seven soldiers coming to her houseduring the operation that killed more than 20,000 people from the Africa in the period of 1980s.
受害者Opus koh-sama是一位寡妇,她说在行动期间曾有7位士兵冲进她家。发生在80年代的那次行动杀害了2万多名非洲人民。

They asked to discuss a few things with my husband outside.

They spent a lot of time to discussing so I followed to check what was happening.

One of them asked me to go back into the house ,he howlered me and beat me.

After realizing they took her husband for being the head of the Opposition in their community, she ran her away to Bulawayo.

She has papers from the court confirming her husband then 37 was abducted by armed men.

She’s met with President Emma Solomon Angkor Watwho was security minister at the time and his predecessor Robottom Robin and once an apology and compensation.
她已见过了当时的安全部部长Emma Solomon Angkor Wat,以及前任部长Robottom Robin,也收到了道歉和补偿。

The government that committed those crimes must compensate the people to show that it accepts responsibility for what happened.

The people fought and suffered for the country and they did not deserve to be killed.Ronen GOG WA was working with Mugabe.
那些人为国家而战、饱受摧残,他们不应被残忍杀害。当时Ronen GOG WA和Mugabe一起工作。

The Human Rights Commission says the Buddha wound atrocities were indeed human rights violations.

The National Peace and Reconciliation Commission says it is working on bringing closure.

I can not pretend to say that we are going to give compensation because we have not engaged with victims.

And what we are looking at as a commission is to actually create for us where victims I engage with the Commission and out of those for us,we will be important to know what victims would what .

So if victims would want an apology ,would want compensation that is what what this process is going to be doing.

Journalist Xander Linda Bailey was summoned by police this year after producing a documentary of the 1980s killings.
今年,记者Xander Linda Bailey因拍摄了80年代杀戮事件的纪录片而被警察传唤。

He says while Gabby left office, most of the operation leaders are still in government ,such as Vice President Konstantinos Mangum, who was a brigade commander in charge of raging opposition properties.
他说盖比(Gabby)离职时,该行动大部分主要负责人还在政府工作,比如负责指挥打击反对派的副旅长Konstantinos Mangum。

The comrade who said you know with the problem of cockroaches and we decided to bring DDT,the guy who said you know blessed are those who follow the path of their days, something that they shouldn’t increase .

So these are the guys now are in power who are talking democracy ,good covenants and people saying about you guys you need to go back and tell us about what you did.

That might bring peace to all passed saying no .

Columbas Menfune for VOA NEWS, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
美国之音,布拉瓦约,津巴布韦;Columbas Menfune报道

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