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[00:00.00]Situation 67
[00:03.68]Could you speak up,please?
[00:07.24]A:This report muse be ready by Monday.
[00:13.90]B:Excuse me sir,could you speak up,please?
[00:18.16]I'm having trouble hearing you in the back of the room.
[00:22.62]A:Yes,of course.
[00:25.68]B:Now what did you say about the report?
[00:29.62]A:I said,it must be ready by Monday.
[00:34.38]B:I understand.
[00:37.33]A:Can you people in the back hear me?
[00:43.28]B:No,we can't.
[00:46.73]A:I'm sorry.I'll try to speak up.
[00:50.70]B:We still can't hear you.
[00:54.47]A:(apeaking louder)Is this better?
[00:57.52]B:Yes.That's fine.
[01:00.87]A:I can hardly hear you.
[01:06.19]B:We seem to have a bad connection on this phone.
[01:10.45]A:Could you speak up?
[01:13.51]B:I'm talking as loud as I can.
[01:17.77]A:I'm going to hang up and call you back.
[01:21.84]B:Good idea.
[01:24.90]Situation 68
[01:54.76]I enjoyed your company.
[01:59.72]A:I really must be going now,it's getting late.
[02:06.28]B:Oh,can't you stay a little longer?
[02:10.12]A:No.I really must be running.
[02:14.37]B:Well,I enjoyed your company.
[02:18.34]A:Yes,we should get together more often.
[02:22.18]B:I think so,too.
[02:25.74]A:Sue,your party was lovely.
[02:31.59]B:I'm so glad you enjoyed it.
[02:35.12]A:Your home is charming.It's so comfortable.
[02:39.48]B:Thank you for saying that.
[02:43.00]Everything was perfect.Thank you for inviting me.
[02:47.97]B:I enjoyed your company.
[02:51.49]A:Hi,Bill.What are you doing here?
[02:57.27]B:Oh,I missed my train.I have to wait until three for the next one.
[03:03.51]A:That's too bad.
[03:06.75]B:Why are you here?
[03:09.99]A:I'm supposed to meet a friend at two-thirty.
[03:14.25]B:Why don't you keep me company while you wait?
[03:18.19]Situation 69
[03:22.34]We have three holidays in a row.
[03:26.92]A:The new year will be here before you know it.
[03:33.45]B:This year really went by fast.
[03:37.68]A:It seems every year goes by faster.
[03:42.33]B:I especially enjoy New Year's,though.
[03:46.30]A:Why?  B:We have three holidays in a row.
[03:48.73]为什么? 我们有一连放三天的假期。
[03:51.16]A:Okay,Tom,pay off our bet!
[03:57.40]B:You mean my team lost again?
[04:01.95]A:They sure did.
[04:05.19]B:Wow!That's three games in a row.
[04:09.94]A:They'll improve.
[04:12.87]B:They'd better.Their losing streak is getting expensive for me.
[04:18.30]A:This weather has been terrible.
[04:25.06]B:I agree.It's been raining forever.
[04:29.43]A:Not really!It just seems that way.
[04:33.97]B:It's been raining steadily for the past five days.
[04:39.04]A:It's supposed to stop tomorrow.
[04:42.49]B:I hope so!Everything I own is wet!
[04:47.16]Situation 70
[04:50.82]Please make yourself at home.
[04:54.79]A:Please come in and make yourself at home.
[05:07.15]B:Thank you.You have a beautiful house.
[05:11.41]A:Thank you.Let me take your coat.
[05:15.38]B:All right.
[05:18.22]A:Won't you have a seat?
[05:21.38]B:Yes,thank you.
[05:24.23]A:Good evening,won't you come in?
[05:36.48]B:Thank you.
[05:39.23]A:Please make yourself comfortable.
[05:42.78]B:I can only stay a few minutes.
[05:46.54]A:Do you have time for a cup of coffore you rush off?
[05:50.98]B:We'll,maybe a half cup,thanks.
[05:54.85]A:Good morning,please come in.
[06:02.34]A:I'll be with you in a moment,I'm on the phone.Please make yourself at home.
[06:11.15]A:(after call)Sorry about the interruption.
[06:15.38]B:Oh,that's quite all right.
[06:18.72]Situation 71
[06:22.56]After you,please.
[06:26.64]A:After you,please.
[06:34.79]B:Thank you.
[06:37.35]A:This is a beautiful car.What make is it?
[06:41.89]B:It's an'83 Lincoln Continental.
[06:45.97]A:Wow.You must be very rich.
[06:50.33]B:I wish it were mine,but it's my fathar's.
[06:54.69]A:How long do you think we'll have to wait for a table?
[07:00.86]B:It shouldn't be much longer.
[07:04.23]A:Oh,look,there're some people leaving now.
[07:08.90]B:That should be our table.
[07:12.56]A:Oh,good.Let's go!
[07:17.11]B:After you,please.
[07:20.27]A:How long have you been waiting in line?
[07:25.54]B:I've been waiting for twenty minutes.
[07:29.38]A:Would you mind if I went ahead of you?
[07:35.89]A:I'm on my lunch hour and I'm already late.
[07:40.15]B:O.K.Go ahead of me.
[07:43.91]Situation 72
[07:52.14]A:I'm really happy that you could join me here for cocktails.
[07:58.90]B:Well,it's been so long since we've done this together.
[08:03.66]A:I know.It has been a long time.
[08:08.31]B:Well,anyway,here's to our friendship.
[08:12.98]A:To you and me.
[08:19.77]A:John,why don't you join us for a drink?
[08:24.63]B:Thanks.I will.
[08:28.00]A:Congratulations on your promotion.
[08:31.95]B:Thank you.I'm really pleased about it.
[08:36.21]A:You should be.Here's to your new job.
[08:40.88]B:And here's to my good friends and fellow workers.
[08:45.53]A:You're going to miss your sister now that she's married,aren't you?
[08:51.98]B:I sure am.She made a lovely bride,didn't she?
[08:57.03]A:She was beautiful.
[09:00.26]B:This whole wedding has been splendid.
[09:04.42]A:Oh,look!They're about to toast the newlyweds.
[09:09.07]B:Let's join them.

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