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[00:00.00]Tell About With John Kay .Tell me about the culture of American music,coming to it as an outsider and what did you find in the music that was so compelling?
[00:13.97]My first exposure to American music of any kind was through the Armed Forces Radio Network in Germany.
[00:21.64]Little Richard was the first one that connected with me in a manner that was beyond"this is a nice tune."
[00:28.62]This was one where I didn't understand a word,yet the rhythm and that guttural,
[00:33.95]primal,intense vocal performance,that pounding piano and buzzing saxophone.
[00:39.71]There was just something about that that I just literally sent chills or goose bumps up and down my spine.
[00:46.08]I became addicted to listening to rock & roll wherever I could find it,which was quite limited in the mid to late 50's in Germany.
[00:54.07]When I then came to Canada during my high school years and learned to speak English,
[00:58.32]some of which I accomplished by listening to the radio all the time.
[01:02.50]I was like a kid in a candy store.
[01:04.66]The radio dial,particularly my first summer in Canada when I knew no one,
[01:09.19]had no friends and really no place to go,I would listen to everything_country music,R & B from Buffalo.
[01:15.46]Sunday morning black church service music also from Buffalo,100 miles away.It was still at a distance.
[01:21.61]While obviously Canada was nothing like Germany,nevertheless Canada wasn't quite like the US either.
[01:27.77]So,after my first 5 years in Canada(which were very good years,I'm very fond of Canada and think very well of Canadians and enjoy visiting there)when I came to the States,
[01:38.03]first to Buffalo and then to California(where I was later to spend 20 years of my life)much of what I had fantasized about as a child in Germany was not necessarily to be found there in the sense that the rock & roll movies that I saw in Germany and in Canada,
[01:51.82](Don't Knock The Rock and Alan Fried stuff)they were,as so much of Hollywood stuff is,somewhat distorting what it was really about.
[01:56.17]像Don't Knock The Rock和Alan Fried这些东西带给我的想象,不大可能在这里找得到了。那些影片,正如好莱坞的许多影片一样,多少有点扭曲了摇滚的本来面目。
[02:00.53]It was only when we were in Steppenwolf and we were traveling through all the states that I started to absorb the realities or the geography and different cultural groups and regional territories that were the birth places of some of the roots music that in various combinations created rock & roll.
[02:16.69]That is one of the reasons that some years ago I moved to Nashville,TN.
[02:21.41]Because you can draw a circle around Nashville(a 500 mile radius)and you will cover a lot of territory that in one form or another,
[02:29.00](be it blue grass,Appalachian music,the Delta,Clarksdale,New Orleans,or what have you,Macon,GA and so on and forth).
[02:37.46]there is so much in the way of blues and country and various other types of music that were the building blocks of that music that I still to this day love to perform.
[02:47.26]I feel very much at home here.
[02:49.49]There are many things that as a stranger initially threw me for a loop.
[02:53.41]The whole civil right movement that I observed primarily from Canada was something that puzzled me to no end.
[02:59.71]I didn't have the background in American history to comprehend many of the underlying demons that were at work there.
[03:06.08]With time and my interest in history per se,
[03:09.29]I have been and still remain to this day an amateur student of American culture and history.
[03:14.44]I find it a fascinating and endless subject.
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