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Unit 24 Neighborhood
邻 里

Part One: Expressions
1. What sort of public transportation is nearby?
2. The schools in this area are very good.
3. Here’s my card.
4. How’s safe is this area?
5. Do you live nearby?
6. We caught a guy a couple of months ago.
7. Let me think about it.
8. What can I do for you?
9. Who do I call for trash collection?
10. Just leave the stuff by the curb.

Part Two: Dialogues
1. Conveniences 便利设施
A: Well, this is certainly a nice place, Mr. Taylor. What sort of public transportation is nearby?
B: Please, call my John. Well, there’s a subway stop and bus station just around the corner. Do you have children?
A: Yes, two.
B: Well, in that case, the schools in this area are very good.
A: We send our kids to private school, but that’s good to know too.
B: Oh, well. As far as other conveniences in the neighborhood, there’s a grocery store just up the block, and there’s lots of little shops nearby.
A: Great. Well, we’ll have to think about it, but the place looks great.
B: Here’s my card, just give me a call if you’re interested.
A: 哦,这个地方真不错,泰勒先生。附近有什么公交系统?
B: 叫我约翰好了。嗯,附近有一个地铁站和一个公车站。你有小孩吗?
A: 有,有两个。
B: 哦,这样的话,这个地方的学校也很不错哦。
A: 我们送小孩去私立学校读书,不过知道这个也很好呀。
B: 哦,其他的便利设施还包括:街区内的一个杂货店,附近则有很多小店铺。
A: 好极了。哦,我们还考虑考虑,但这个地方真的不错。
B: 这是我的名片,如果你有兴趣就打我电话。

2. Security 安全问题
A: How safe is this area?
B: Oh, well, you should lock the doors and turn the security system on when you leave, but it really isn’t too bad.
A: Really? Do you live nearby?
B: Yes. As a matter of fact, I live about two blocks north. I’ve never had any problems, although there have been a few break-ins recently.
A: Hmm.
B: The security system should take care of that, though. The entrance to the subway is not far from here..
A; That’s true. Is the neighborhood trying to do anything about the security?
B: Well, we’ve set up a neighborhood watch program. We caught a guy a couple of months ago.
A: All right, well, let me think about it.
A: 这个地方安全吗?
B: 哦,当你离开家的时候要锁好门,并且打开安全系统。但是情况不是这么糟糕。
A: 是吗,你住附近?
B: 是的。老实说,我住在北面的两个街区之外。我还从未遇到过什么问题,虽然说近来也有出现一些入室偷钱的事件。
A: 噢。
B: 但是安全系统会处理这一切的。地铁口离这儿也不远。
A: 对。对于安全问题这儿的邻里有没有任何措施?
B: 噢,我们建立了一个邻里监督项目。几个月前还抓住了一个家伙。
A: 好的,哦,让我们再考虑考虑。

3.Community Services社区服务
A: Hi, John, this is Mary, your tenant up in Lincoln Park.
B: Oh, hi, Mary, what can I do for you?
A: I was wondering when trash collection day was.
B: It’s on Tuesdays and Fridays. 
A: Great.
B: You could save a couple of dollars by taking it to the dump yourself, though.
A: Oh, o.k. Where’s that?
B: It’s at the corner of that street.
A: Thanks. Who do I call for trash collection?
B: Just leave the stuff by the curb. The company’ll send a guy out next month to give you the bill.
A: All right.  Thanks a lot.
B: No problem.
A: 你好,约翰。这是玛丽,是租你林肯公园房子的人。
B: 噢,你好,玛丽,有什么可以为你效劳的?
A: 我想知道什么时候收集垃圾?
B: 是星期二和星期五。
A: 好的。
B: 如果你自己扔到垃圾站的话还可以省几个美元。
A: 噢,好的。垃圾站在哪儿呢?
B: 在那条街的拐角。
A: 谢谢。那要求收集垃圾可以找谁呢?
B: 就把垃圾扔到路边。下个月(垃圾收集)公司会派人把帐单给你。
A: 好的,非常谢谢。
B: 没问题。

Part Three: Substitution Drills
1. A: What sort of (public transportation/ shopping/ parking) is nearby?
  B: There’s a subway stop just around the corner.

2. A: The schools (in this area/ in the neighborhood/ in this community) are very good.
  B: That’s good to know.

3. A: Here’s my (card/ business card/ name card).
  B: Great, thanks.

4. A: How safe is this area? / Is this area safe? / How secure is the neighborhood?
   B: It’s very safe.

5. A: Do you live (nearby/ near here/ close by)?
  B: Yes, I live up the block.

6. A: We caught a (guy/ man/ burglar) a couple of months ago.
  B: Oh, I see.

7. A: (Let me/ Allow me to/ Give me some time to) think about it.
  B: All right.

8. A: (What can I do for/ How can I help/ May I help) you?
  B: I need to…

9. A: Who do I call for (trash/ garbage/ refuse) collection?
  B: Just leave the stuff on the curb.

10. A: Just leave the stuff (by the curb/ on the sidewalk/ in the gutter).
   B: O.K.

Part Four: Monologue
The value of a home or apartment is affected by the neighborhood its in.  If it’s a safe and wealthy neighborhood, with lots of conveniences, then prices will be pretty high. If it’s dangerous and far away from things like shopping and public transport, the price will be lower. Conveniences that people look for in cities include shopping centers, public transportation, parking, restaurants and nightlife, and if they have children, parks and schools. Most neighborhoods are safe, although there are some that can be dangerous, especially at night.  Many young people who want to live in the city will often live in a more dangerous section to save money. This has helped poorer parts of cities in recent years, as young people bring money into the neighborhood.

Part Five: Vocabulary and Phrases
--convenience 便利设施;方便的用具
--bus station公共汽车站
--security system安全系统
--tenant  房客;佃户;承租人
--trash 废物,垃圾
--dump 倾倒,抛弃;垃圾堆放处
--around the corner在附近

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