真实生活英语Unit3:The Working Environment 工作环境

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Unit 3 The Working Environment
工 作 环 境

Part One: Expressions
1. I’d like to make an appointment to see Mr. Smith, please.
2. Could you tell me where his office is?
3. Ted stopped by to see you.
4. Can I leave this for him?
5. Could you give him this message?
6. Where is the meeting room located?
7. How do I use this copy machine?
8. Just a second.
9. I’ll have it finished by tomorrow morning.
10. Hard work pays off, you know.

Part Two: Dialogues

1. On the job工作中
A: Is Betty Sue in her office?
B: I’m sorry. She’s in a meeting right now.
A: I see.
B: Can I give her a message for you?
A: Yes, please tell her I stopped by.
B: And your name, please?
A: Ted. Oh, and could you give her this document for me?
B: Certainly.
A: 贝蒂·苏在她办公室吗?
B: 抱歉,她现在在开会。
A: 是这样。
B: 要我代您留个口讯给她吗?
A: 好的,请告诉她我顺道过来的。
B: 请问你的名字是…
A: 特德。还有,你可以把这个文件给她吗?
B: 当然可以。

2. Working Supplies 工作设施
A: Do you have a free moment?
B: Sure. What do you need?
A: I’m having some trouble. How do you use this printer?
B: Well, first you have to turn this switch on.
A: Silly me.
B: Now press this button.
A: Oh, and it’s out of paper. Do you have any more?
B: Just a second. I’ll go get some.
A: 你有空吗?
B: 有空。怎么了?
A: 我碰到一些麻烦。这个打印机怎么用?
B: 哦,首先你把这个开关打开。
A: 我真蠢。
B: 然后按这个按钮。
A: 哦,没纸了。你还有吗?
B: 稍等一下。我去拿一些过来。

3. A Successful Story 成功故事
A: You look tired. *
B: Yeah, I’ve been working so much overtime lately.
A: Really? How come?
B: My boss gave me a big project. I had to have it finished it by this morning.  It was so difficult!
A: You shouldn’t work so hard.
B: I know. But hard work pays off, you know.
A: What do you mean?
B: Maybe now I’ll get that promotion I was hoping for.
A: 你看上去很累。
B: 是啊,我近来一直加班工作。
A: 真的吗?怎么回事?
B: 我的老板给了我一个大的项目,我必须在今天早上完成。真是够难的。
A: 你不要拼命工作。
B: 我知道,但是你知道,辛苦工作总有回报的。
A: 怎么讲?
B: 可能目前我快得到提升了,这是我一直期待的。

Part Three: Substitution Drills

1. A: Can I help you?
  B: Yes, is (Mr. Smith/ the director/ the manager) in his office?

2. A: Could you tell me where (his office/ the meeting room/ the copy machine) is, please?
  B: Sure.  It’s just down the hall, on the right.

3. A: Could you give him this (message/ report/ document), please?
  B: No problem.

4. A: What’s the matter?
  B: How do I use this (copy machine/ fax machine/ hole-puncher)?

5. A: I’m out of (paper/ staples/ folders). Do you have any more?
  B: Here you are.

6. A: Can you meet this deadline?
  B: Yes, I’ll have it finished by (tomorrow morning/ this afternoon/ Friday at 5pm).

7. A: Is Mr. Smith in his office?
  B: I’m sorry.  He’s (in a meeting/ not at his desk right now/ out).

8. A: I’m having some (trouble/ difficulties/ problems). Can you help me?
  B: What do you need?
我遇到一些(麻烦/困难/难题)。 你可以帮我吗?

9. A: You look (tired/ exhausted/ busy).
  B: Yeah, I’ve been working so much overtime lately.

10. A: The project was so (difficult/ time-consuming/ tedious).
   B: You shouldn’t work so hard.

Part Four: Monologue

“When I first started this job, it took me quite a while to learn the ropes. I guess many new-comers have the same problem and have to ask their co-workers for help. I didn’t know how to use the system or where to find things.  On my first day I wandered around for twenty minutes before I could find the copy room. Fortunately my co-workers were very helpful and supportive, so it didn’t take me long to get the hang of it. I just kept working hard, and in the end all my hard work really paid off.  Things are going just great!” 
                                      ——Bob Evian, office worker

Part Five: Vocabulary and Expressions

-- stop by =drop by顺便拜访
-- Could you please…? 你可以…吗?
-- How do I…? 我如何…?
-- overtime超过,加班,额外工作时间
-- Hard work pays off. 辛苦工作肯定有回报。
-- promotion  提升,晋级
-- deadline  截止期限,最后限期
-- exhausted  精疲力竭的
-- new-comer 新来的人
-- co-workers 同事(=coworker)
--get the hang of sth.学会,掌握窍门,摸清情况
--* It looks (+ adjective).  It looks like (+ noun).
   It looks delicious.  She looks beautiful.  You look tired.
   It looks like a goump3et meal.  She looks like a beautiful star.  You look like you’re tired.

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