华尔街高级英语学习教程第6课:逃匿犯人重新出现Act1 (MP3和文本下载)

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HUGO: Here we are, then. It's a fairly good restaurant, by Washdon standards. Have you ever been here before, Annie?

ANNIE: What do you think? It's not exactly my sort of place.

HUGO: I suppose not. You've changed such a lot, since... since the old days. You know, I hardly recognized you when you turned up at the hotel in those dreadful workman's clothes.

ANNIE: What's the matter with them?

HUGO: Well, they're not exactly feminine, are they?

ANNIE: They're not supposed to be.

HUGO: Why have you had your hair cut so short? You used to be such a sweet, pretty girl, with your long, blonde hair.

ANNIE: That was a very long time ago. Can we change the subject?

HUGO: Oh very well, my sweet. I'll call the headwaiter. Excuse me!


HUGO: I reserved a table for two in the name of Gusper.

HEADWAITER: What time was it for?

HUGO: For a quarter past one.

HEADWAITER: Then you're late! You'll have to wait till a table becomes free.

HUGO: How long will that be?

HEADWAITER: How do I know? Excuse me, I have work to do.

HUGO: This is ridiculous! Let's go somewhere else.

ANNIE: Oh, it's not worth it, Dad. Look, those two over there have finished their coffee; they might be going soon.

HUGO: Very well. I'm surprised David isn’t here, by the way. I asked him to come too in my letter.

ANNIE: Oh? He didn't mention that you'd written to him as well.

HUGO: I didn’t actually mail the letter, I sent it via a Japanese acquaintance who was visiting Washdon. Perhaps David never got it.

ANNIE: David's a family man nowadays. He's got a lot on his mind.

HUGO: If you give me his number I'll try calling him.

ANNIE: He'll be delighted, I'm sure.

WAITER: Excuse me, are you waiting for a table?

HUGO: Yes, we are.

WAITER: Follow me then, please.

HUGO: The headwaiter was extremely rude to me, by the way.

WAITER: Oh, I'm so sorry. He's always doing that, I'm afraid. You see, he had a terribly unhappy childhood. Well, here's your table.

WAITER: Allow me to get you an aperitif while you're choosing your meal.

HUGO: Very well. I'll have a dry martini.

ANNIE: Nothing for me, thanks.

WAITER: As you like. Here's the menu, sir, and for Madame.

WAITER: I'll bring your aperitif straight away, sir.

HUGO: That's more what one expects in a place like this. Well, what do you feel like, my dear?

ANNIE: I don't know what half these dishes are, even.

HUGO: Let me see. I can recommend the grilled mushrooms to start with, and for your main course, the veal in tomato sauce, or perhaps you'd prefer the roast pork in ream and brandy?

ANNIE: No way! I’m a vegetarian, Dad - you know that! Anyway, Dad, I didn't come here to waste time on all this nonsense - I just wanted to talk to you. Order what you like.

WAITER: Here's your aperitif, sir. Are you ready to order yet?

HUGO: Yes. We'll both have the seafood cocktail as a starter, and for the main course I'll go for the roast lamb, and for my daughter I think the asparagus omelet. Will that be alright, Annie darling?

ANNIE: Yeah, that’s fine.

WAITER: Splendid. Now, are you having any side dishes?

HUGO: I'll have a mixed salad, please.

WAITER: And what about the delightful young lady?

ANNIE: I'll have the same.

WAITER: Now, what would you like for dessert?

HUGO: I think I’ll go for the strawberries and cream, personally.

WAITER: And for the charming young lady?

ANNIE: I don't want any dessert.

WAITER: Thinking of your delightful figure, I imagine. Well lastly, what may I bring you to drink with the meal?

HUGO: We'll have a bottle of rosé wine, please.

WAITER: Sweet or dry?

HUGO: Dry, please.

WAITER: Thank you. I'll go and see to your order.

HUGO: I think you'll find that the asparagus omelet here is really rather special, Annie.

ANNIE: Look, can we stop talking about damn food, please?

HUGO: Of course, of course. We've got so much else to talk about, haven't we? I expect you're wondering what happened to me in Trinidad, and why I disappeared afterwards.

ANNIE: Presumably it was to keep out of the way of the police.

HUGO: It certainly was not! How can you say that, Annie?

ANNIE: According to the papers you were involved in drug smuggling, with some guy called Mr P, or something.

HUGO: How typical of newspapers! That's a complete lie!

ANNIE: I read the same story in several very reliable papers, which usually get their stories right.

HUGO: Annie, if you'd rather believe the lies told by journalists than the truth told by your own father…

ANNIE: I'm sorry, Dad. What's your story, then?

HUGO: My story, as you put it, is this: I first met Mr P through my antiques business. He used to collect, er… medieval religious statues, and I sometimes bought them for him. I had absolutely no idea that he was involved in drugs, or I wouldn't have had anything to do with him. Well, after a while Mr P tried to persuade me join him in the drugs business. He was a monster: he threatened to have me killed if I refused. He even sent Roger Temple, who used to be a friend of mine, to threaten me….

ROGER: So, I've found you at last, you bastard!

HUGO: Roger! What do you want from me?

ANNIE: According to the papers, Temple used to carry the drugs, and you informed the police about him so as to get rid of him.

HUGO: Will you forget about the damned papers! My sweet, don't you believe what I'm saying?

ANNIE: Sorry Dad, I just... oh, carry on.

HUGO: Thank you. I decided that I had to find a way of stopping Mr P, so I flew to Trinidad in order to destroy him, his drugs and his whole organization.

ANNIE: Really? You mean it was you who blew up the whole place?

HUGO: Well no, not exactly. I was there when it happened, though.

ANNIE: So how did you manage to survive, then?

HUGO: I'm coming to that. So, there I was in front of Mr P and Roger Temple, telling them exactly what I thought of them….

HUGO: I hate and despise you for making a profit from the misery of drug-takers, and I shall see that you are brought to justice!

MR P: What was that?

ROGER: My God! The whole place is going up!

HUGO: I found myself flying through the air. I couldn't see anything; I didn't know whether I was dead or alive...

WAITER: I hope you're feeling alright, sir. I've brought your first courses and your wine.

HUGO: Yes yes, thank you! As I was saying, there I was, with bits of trees and buildings flying all around me, and the terrifying noise of the explosion...

HUGO: Then I lost consciousness for a while, and the next thing I knew was when I found myself in the sea; in absolute silence, apart from the waves. There was a bit of a fog, so I couldn't tell whether or not I was near the land.

HUGO: At first I was glad to be alive and well. I didn't seem to have been injured in the explosion. But that feeling quickly changed to fear and panic. I'm not a strong swimmer, as you know, and in any case I had no idea in which direction to go. I told myself to keep calm, chose a direction at random, and started swimming. After a few minutes of this I was completely exhausted. I thought I was going to drown there in the calm, blue Atlantic Ocean; far, far away from home.

HUGO: Suddenly I saw a small boat, a rubber dinghy in fact, just a short distance away, and with the last of my strength I managed to swim over and pull myself up into it.

HUGO: No sooner had I done this than I noticed that there was someone else there. He wasn't moving and he didn't seem to be breathing, so I presumed he was dead. Then, as I sat there wondering what to do, he slowly turned his face towards me.

HUGO: Good God! Roger!

ROGER: So here you are, at last!

ROGER: So here you are, at last!

HUGO: It was as if he'd been expecting me. I moved back to the other end of the boat, with my mind working fast. Fortunately I had a knife on me, so I knew I could defend myself in case he attacked me. Anyway, he was obviously very seriously injured. I had to stay in that boat, it was my only chance. It had a small motor, and I tried to start it.

ROGER: You're wasting your time, there's no fuel.

HUGO: Damn!

HUGO: Listen Roger, don't come near me! I've got a knife and I'll use it.

ROGER: You always were a clever bastard, Hugo. Don't worry, I haven't got the strength to move.

HUGO: There was a light wind, so we drifted slowly across that enormous ocean. The fog got thicker, so I could see nothing at all. And then, night fell. I didn't dare to go to sleep, so I lay awake and watching all night long. I might have become dangerously weak from hunger, but fortunately I found a bar of chocolate which I'd bought at Trinidad Airport.

ROGER: Are you eating something, Hugo? Please give me some, I'm so hungry!

HUGO: There isn't enough for both of us.

HUGO: The following morning the fog had gone, and when the sun rose it became incredibly hot. The chocolate had given me such a terrible thirst that I thought I would die. Then I noticed the label on the motor, it said "Water-cooled. Fill regularly."

HUGO: I hurriedly took the thing to pieces and found about half a liter of water. It was brown and rusty, but it saved my life. Temple was watching me.

ROGER: Water! Give me some water, please!

HUGO: Get your own water!

HUGO: That water got me through the following day and night, but by the next morning I had finished it, and, of course, I was terribly hungry as well. I was only half conscious on that third day. I lay there quite still, with one hand on my knife. At one point I thought Temple was attacking me... “Keep away from me, I told you I've got a knife!”

HUGO: But I was only imagining it. What a state I was in! I remember dreaming at one point that I was a child again, on a train going to Stockholm, and feeling terribly excited. And I looked around me and saw... the land!

HUGO: Only a few hundred metros away there was a small sandy beach with palm trees all around. I thought it was another dream. I closed my eyes and looked again, and it was still there! Temple wasn't moving, but, just in case he was still alive, I took out my knife and made a large hole in the side of the dinghy.

HUGO: It still felt like a dream. I jumped into the sea and somehow managed to swim to the shore. As I pulled myself onto the beach I turned round to check that the dinghy had sunk.

HUGO: Then I fell asleep on the beach, where I lay until I was found by a couple of tourists.

DORIS: Hey Oscar, what's that? My God, there's a guy lying here! Oscar, help me!

OSCAR: Keep calm, Doris! Hey, don't touch him!

DORIS: I don't think he's dead! He's opening his eyes! Oscar!

HUGO: The rest of the story is simple. I found out that I'd drifted up the coast to Florida, where I've got a number of friends in the, er... import/export business, who took good care of me. After a week or so in hospital I was quite myself again.

HUGO: So, that's how I went through hell, Annie, and came out again alive.

ANNIE: So, you killed Roger Temple?

HUGO: What do you mean? He was probably dead already. Anyway he was a criminal: a murderer and a drug smuggler!

ANNIE: The thing is, I really don't understand why you've been hiding for four years, if the police aren’t after you, and Temple and Mr P are both dead,.

HUGO: Oh, that. Well, Mr P had a lot of very important friends. Look my sweet, we haven't touched our food yet.

HUGO: Mmm! This tastes superb!

ANNIE: I don't like the smell of mine; it smells kind of funny.

HUGO: Wait till you taste it, Annie. It's quite wonderful.

ANNIE: I'm not even all that hungry. Anyway, what have you been doing for a living since then?

HUGO: Oh, you know, the same old import/export business. Can't teach an old dog new tricks, as the saying goes.

ANNIE: I still don't see why you had to come here under a false name.

HUGO: Oh, no!

ANNIE: Hey, what's the matter?

HUGO: Those two men are cops, and they're coming this way! Here's a couple of hundred dollars to pay the bill. I'll be in touch! I'll explain everything!


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