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[00:09.74]Machine have replaced human labour in many industries.
[00:23.82]Madam,what do you want
[00:34.04]In Africa,maize is the most important food.
[00:48.33]His actions made him universally respected.
[01:01.13]Men are taller than women.
[01:07.06]God made man.
[01:17.17]The lake is man-made
[01:20.82]and there used to be a valley here until they changed the course of the river.
[01:36.55]How many children have you got?
[01:45.56]In the library there are maps of towns,countries,and the world.
[02:00.58]March is the third month of the year.
[02:11.92]There's no market this week.
[02:23.02]Have you seen the newly married couple?
[02:34.25]Our school is going to hold a football match.
[02:46.14]I'm not good at maths.
[02:56.56]It doesn't matter if I miss my train because there's another one later.
[03:13.38]This news is so strange that you may not believe it.
[03:25.95]The 1st of May is May Day.
[03:37.05]Maybe he'll come,maybe he won't.
[03:47.47]She cooks a hot meal in the evenings.
[03:59.49]The red light means"Stop".
[04:08.29]Tigers often eat meat.
[04:17.62]Put the bottle of medicine away.
[04:28.33]I would like you to meet my friend Sam.
[04:35.77]At Boston University,he met his wife.Polly.
[04:46.69]n. 会,集会
[04:48.76]Our meeting in Tokyo was later than I expected.
[05:01.56]I'm a member of the committee.
[05:11.38]Can you mend the hole in my shirt?
[05:21.49]A menu is a list of dishes that can be ordered in the restaurant.
[05:36.40]Signs of merry life could be seen everywhere after the bumper harvest.
[05:51.01]The ship sent a radio message asking for help.
[06:02.79]Copper and silver are both metals.
[06:13.52]This stream is one hundred metres long.
[06:24.63]On the evening of the Mid-Autumn Festival,we can enjoy the beautiful moonlight.
[06:40.35]Which book do you want?I'll have the middle one.
[06:50.57]They were in the middle of dinner when I called.
[07:02.09]I am used to drinking a cup of milk every morning.
[07:13.82]The farmer whistled as he milked.
[07:26.33]She thinks her husband is a man in a million.
[07:37.80]vi.& vt.介意,反对思想,n.主意
[07:40.93]He asked me if he could go home early,and I said I didn't mind.
[07:54.85]It's only a few minutes' walk from here to the station.
[08:07.65]A woman usually carries a small mirror in her bag.
[08:21.73]Please be quiet,I don't want to miss a word of the news on the radio.
[08:37.07]He's mistaken the address,and gone to the wrong house.
[08:47.78]You can't arrest me! There must be some mistake!
[08:59.77]In this part of the city,
[09:03.24]you can see anci-ent and modern buildi-ngs next to each other
[09:18.73]She answered without a moment's hesitation.
[09:29.23]Mommy,I'm hungry.
[09:38.27]How much money is there in my account?
[09:48.30]When the tree falls,the monkeys scatter.
[09:57.63]How many months have you spent on finishing this book?
[10:09.12]Last night there was a full moon.
[10:18.84]Do you like mooncake?
[10:26.69]更多的,较多的 更
[10:29.26]As he grows older,he spends more of his time in bed.
[10:42.30]I'll see you in the morning.
[10:51.52]The money should be shard among those who are in most need of it
[11:03.46]Most of them are working on the irrigation project.
[11:15.94]Jim's mother and father are both college teachers.
[11:28.64]This grass-cutting machine is driven by a small electric motor
[11:42.93]He looked down from the top of the mountain to the valley far below.
[11:55.65]Don't even open your mouth!
[12:05.19]The prisoner was tired so tightly that he couldn't move hand nor foot.
[12:19.53]I was much surprised at what he said.
[12:30.24]There was so much food that we couldn't eat it all.
[12:39.20]n.骡, 倔强之人
[12:41.03]The old man is as stubborn as a mule.
[12:51.34]Many unique things were displayed in the museum.
[13:03.73]Please play a piece of music for us.
[13:15.51]My father is a musician.
[13:25.69]Old people used to say "Children must be seen and not heard".
[13:35.57]We must keep our word.
[13:45.18]I don't like mutton.
[13:54.17]I myself,will present the prizes.
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