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[00:12.04]We did our experimentation in the lab.
[00:22.47]XiaoMing was climbing the ladder to catch the cat.
[00:33.96]We sail on the lake during the summer.
[00:44.59]We shall be landing shortly--please fasten your seatbelts.
[00:59.01]The ship landed the goods at Dover.
[01:08.62]Land travel and sea travel are both pleasant.
[01:22.21]He is learning 2 foreign languages.
[01:32.71]We should run a lap around this playground.
[01:44.96]She inherited a large fortune.
[01:54.95]adj.& adv. vi.最后的,刚过去的  最后,持续
[01:58.28]He was the last to arrive.
[02:04.03]The Pyramids were really built to last.
[02:17.17]I was late for school.
[02:26.29]He who laughs last laughs best.
[02:37.99]It's really a lazy afternoon.
[02:48.72]This tree has green leaves throughout the year.
[03:00.43]"League" means a group of people,countries,etc.,
[03:06.67]who have joined together to protect or improve their position,
[03:12.44]or to work for some aim.
[03:30.26]Are you a League Member?
[03:39.90]I can't drive yet --I'm still learning.
[03:51.13]The train leaves the station in five minutes.
[04:02.42]Keep to the left.
[04:10.25]Reed has broken his leg.
[04:20.78]They lent us their pumps.
[04:31.57]Can we have a bit less noise?
[04:42.31]Each history Lesson lasts 40 minutes.
[04:52.94]My mother wouldn't let me go to the film.
[05:03.96]How many letters are there in the word "struggle"?
[05:15.98]The library contains a lot of books that may be borrowed by the public.
[05:30.68]The policeman asked to see my driving licence.
[05:43.41]The wounded man was lying on the battlefield.
[05:55.42]Keep on charging the enemy so long as there is life.
[06:06.60]vi.(云、烟等)消散 n.电梯 vt.举起,抬起
[06:09.84]The mist began to lift.
[06:15.59]The crane lifted the bales into the hold.
[06:26.17]n.adj.灯,光    淡色的,轻的
[06:28.99]The sun gives us light during the day.
[06:35.96]The sun gives off light and heat.
[06:46.57]Do you like your teacher?
[06:56.29]Mary's dress is red,like mine.
[07:07.55]n.线,排,行;(电话的) 线路;绳索
[07:11.23]Don't park on the double yellow lines.
[07:18.39]Hold the line.
[07:22.44]We have a washing line from which we hang clothes to dry.
[07:36.05]Put the newcomers' names on the list.
[07:46.86]Listen to the noise of the wind in the trees.
[07:57.05]adv.稍许,一点儿   adj小的,少的
[08:00.18]I have too little to finish this work.
[08:12.70]He lived and died a staunch fighter for communism.
[08:25.04]vt.锁,锁上 n.锁
[08:27.82]The door won't lock.
[08:37.67]He lives a lonely life in the country.
[08:48.27]The railway is four hundred kilometres long.
[08:58.78]Stay as long as you like.
[09:08.81]I took just one look and I was sure.
[09:19.02]The teacher told us to look at the blackboard.
[09:30.83]He lost his way in the mist.
[09:40.36]There was a lot of mud on the ground.
[09:50.68]His voice is very loud.
[10:00.48]He shouted at her loudly.
[10:11.81]You can use this loudspeaker.
[10:22.52]The outdoors is her greatest love.
[10:34.54]This river is very low.
[10:44.86]Any idea of winning easy victories through good luck is wrong.
[11:00.98]I was lucky enough to catch the last bus.
[11:13.78]Luckily,she was in when I called.
[11:24.77]I'm hungry--let's have lunch.
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